Day 376

Day 376 Record Keeping
Day 345 Fixed Meditation (brought up neg emot to quell - HARD)
Day 291 Bodyweight Exercise (1x8 bulg split squats - HARD)
Day 218 Writing (pitching - HARD)
Day 391 Eating = 81
Day 26 Dynamic Meditation = 70 (1 hour)
Great sleep, great wakeup.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour):
x3 caught neg arisings - mostly computer stuff
x6 multiple arisings just anger and frustration and mounting fear that I can’t live up to work stuff and life - ┬álot of tension, horrible tension when reading travel articles because I immediately compare it to myself and what I should be doing

Notes: If travel articles makes me nervous I can use this in my daily fixed meditation to bring out negative feelings and deal with them to inure myself to it.

This is becoming more of a habit - leakage is happening as it seeps to other times in my life - I think it happened a few times between now and when I recorded before. Yesterday I took the day off and didn’t record and I still did dynamic meditation several times.