Day 373

Day 373 Record Keeping
Day 342 Fixed Meditation (brought up neg emot to quell - HARD)
Day 288 Bodyweight Exercise (2x5 FAILURE - HARD)
Day 215 Writing (writing work, 553 words)
Day 388 Eating = 76
Day 23 Dynamic Meditation = 69 (1 hour)
Bad sleep, great wakeup.
Very sore. Depleted willpower. My typewriter pushups are plateauing so I need to really push it next time or change the exercise. Writing is still difficult, but I did some good work with Holly Lisle in improving my writing.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour):
-x5 fidgeting
-4 negative arisings
Absorption helped a lot - for a portion I was talking on the phone to my mom, and I’m generally in a more even keeled state when I’m doing this.

Notes: 3 spontaneous arisings of dynamic meditation - this is really good and exactly what I’m looking for - that “Why not?” practice being happy? mentality.