Day 371

Day 371 Record Keeping
Day 340 Fixed Meditation (Vipassana. HARD)
Day 286 Bodyweight Exercise (3x6 bulg split squats - HARD)
Day 213 Writing (64 words - like pulling teeth today)
Day 386 Eating = 77
Day 21 Dynamic Meditation = 69 (1 hour)
Great sleep, great wakeup.
Very interesting to note just how fast dynamic meditation is maturing into a habit. I think I’m already at the point where I can add another habit. That’s crazy.

For dynamic meditation I started small, but I also had a weekend where I tested NOT doing the habit, and ended up doing it. This wasn’t deliberate at all, but maybe it should be. This secured my scores in SRHI questions of the weirdness of NOT doing a habit. 

Sometimes habit builds on itself. Testing the habit and KNOWING solidity in it increases scores, which itself further solidifies the habit. It’s like the self perception of the habit solidifies it which further secures the self perception of it. I might need to play with this notion and test to see if it cuts down on time to habituation.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour):
x5 shoulders
x8 fidgeting
x2 negative arising, blipped in and out quickly
x2 laughter


-Things happened quickly - same as in fixed meditation - an observation quickly transitioned to a future projection, which flickered into nervousness, which manifested as a shoulder tension or fidgeting. It happens incredibly fast. A lot of it happened as future projections going down a negative path.

-Like yesterday, there was another example last night of a spontaneous practice session of dynamic meditation later in the day. This is really good.