Day 370

Day 370 Record Keeping
Day 339 Fixed Meditation (brought up negativity, quelled it. HARD)
Day 285 Bodyweight Exercise (3 rounds tabata - HARD)
Day 212 Writing (107 words - not hard, I admittedly was easy on myself)
Day 385 Eating = 75
Day 20 Dynamic Meditation = 66 (1 hour 10 min)
Great sleep, great wakeup. 

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour 10 min):
x7 shoulders
x7 fidgeting
X3 arising
Notes: first time I started getting in this dynamic meditation zone right before going to sleep - it was like a “why not?” feeling

Hard to focus on what I should do - is it tantra, is it absorption, is it simply beating down the negative arisings? Is it simply noting? Is it Vipassana?