Day 369

Day 369 Record Keeping
Day 338 Fixed Meditation (brought up negativity, quelled it. HARD)
Day 284 Bodyweight Exercise (2X5 typewriter pushups - HARD)
Day 211 Writing (editing & submitting - HARD)
Day 384 Eating = 75
Day 141 Work = PAUSED
Day 19 Dynamic Meditation = 67 (1 hour)
Good sleep, good wakeup.
Finally back after my three day hiatus after 1 full year of recording. Actually felt WORSE trying not to do these habits. Also ended up DOING several of the habits like meditation (fixed and dynamic) and writing. I’m focusing on making sure that every time I do a superhabit that I’m putting effort into it - hence the “HARD” in all bold next to several of them. I felt that I was entering a plateau on several so I’m pushing it. Looks like my work habit is on pause indefinitely. Which is great because it frees me up to work on my other habits - especially writing which needs to be kicked into higher gear. Also felt horrible in my eating the last couple days - it’s really the stick that has got my scores up in this - eating badly noticeably makes me feel horrible.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour):
x8 fidgeting
x2 negative arisings
Notes: I’ve boiled down my points as negative arising and fidgeting/shoulder rising. I think this might help clarify the points I need to work on.

Thinking about trying different tactics to prevent the arisings. Say, one day absorption, another day trying to imagine myself as a confident, worry free person (a la vajrayana), another day focusing on a state, another day practicing certain exercises. Not really too necessary now as it’s not even a habit, but something to think about in terms of regimenting the exercise in the future.