DAY 365!!!! ONE YEAR!

Day 365 Record Keeping
Day 334 Fixed Meditation (brought up negativity, quelled it. HARD)
Day 280 Bodyweight Exercise (3x5 bulg split squats - HARD)
Day 207 Writing (a lot of editing)
Day 380 Eating = 75
Day 137 Work = PAUSED
Day 15 Dynamic Meditation = 58 (30 min)
Bad sleep, good wakeup.
Holy moly, it’s one FULL YEAR of daily recording!!! More on this in another blog post.

Dynamic Med Notes (30 min):
x2 shoulder
x2 satisfaction
x3 dissatisfaction
Notes: Nothing too noteworthy. I’m really trying to maintain a level of satisfactoriness in each moment of doing something I find administrative, irritating, time consuming. It’s very difficult to retrain.

But, when I’m in it, I’m listening to music, I’m looking at travel pictures, I’m writing about things I find fascinating. Yet, in between moments, I get this feeling of wanting to hurry up and get through these tasks. I should be enjoying the moment.

Hypnotica in one tape to add a modifier, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Why can’t something that is tedious be EPICALLY tedious? Why can’t it be BLISSFULLY tedious?

I was watching ChoZen yesterday, and it’s hilarious how he uses his struggle as fuel for his rapping - and it seems like rappers do this a lot - they mythologize their life as an an epic quest for rap domination, where even the hum-drum parts are reinterpreted as leading to eventual glory. And THAT’S the battle.

I’m thinking here of Eminem’s frequent lines about going “back to the lab” to write and record. Why can’t I pull from that in order to give meaning to the stuff that’s not glamorous in my life?

I feel that mythologizing can help me get into an ideal frame in dynamic meditation where even standing in line at the DMV can have be at a base happiness level.