Day 363

Day 363 Record Keeping
Day 332 Fixed Meditation
Day 278 Bodyweight Exercise (3x4 typewriter pushups - hard!)
Day 205 Writing (a little editing, pitching)
Day 378 Eating = 74
Day 135 Work = 61
Day 13 Dynamic Meditation = 56 (1 hr 50 min)
Bad sleep, great wakeup.

Dynamic Med Notes (1hr 50 min):
-x4 general fidgeting
-x2 forming of general worry
-rising of nervousness about what I fear most changed to absolute anger at work the anger came from messing up something that was perfect – of ruining a perfect day. It has now collapsed to hopelessness and dullness, and then a flurry of jealousy and bitterness. stopped to do some fixed meditation (counts!). It’s back but more in control but with surges of frustration/anger

Notes: Ruductionalism helped a lot - reducing complex tasks to very simple parts - it helped me keep track and prevent arisings. It helped with absorption - so much frustration comes from not knowing what to do next and dwelling instead on larger issues rather than the task at hand.

-A lot of laughter was the assuredness of being a part of a certain path

-Been slacking a lot on fully formed habits - more on that later

-Not my best dynamic meditation - BUT I was able to stay with the anger and frustration - not quite observing objectively, but it was good to not fully fall in. I expect backslides and reversals on this and any path of self improvement.