Day 360

Day 360 Record Keeping
Day 329 Fixed Meditation
Day 275 Bodyweight Exercise (2 typewriter pushups)
Day 202 Writing (Writing improvement)
Day 375 Eating = 74
Day 132 Work = 56
Day 10 Dynamic Meditation = 51 (50 minutes)
Good sleep, ok wakeup.
Still a bit sick.

Dynamic Med Notes (50 minutes):
-x2 weird sense of dissatisfaction with the moment when doing some administrative thing - this is a difficult thing to pin down
-x2 disquiet arising naturally-executed chakra flexion both times
-x1 irritation
-x4 shoulder
-slip picking
-x1 finger flicking
-x3 arising of worry
-x7 laughing
Notes: Perhaps use that memory of laughing that week in Brazil as an anchor? It seemed to lead me into that feeling of cheating at life when I recalled it during this practice.

Lost track about 20 minutes in - just completely got absorbed in the actions and forgot that I was supposed to pay attention to the state of my mind. Vipassana is key here - I can see how altering it is to just pay attention to the mind because it automatically makes anything noticeable and correctable because it’s not you.

-That sense of unsatisfaction with the present moment is really difficult to nail down - must add that to the list of things to watch out for because I think I have this problem a lot and it drags me down - especially with things like internet nonsense or even taking the SRHI. I should be able to live in that moment with joy, knowing that those moments are where the battle are really waged.