Day 359

Day 359 Record Keeping
Day 328 Fixed Meditation
Day 274 Bodyweight Exercise (bridging practice of all kinds)
Day 201 Writing (Pitch)
Day 374 Eating = 75
Day 131 Work = 57
Day 9 Dynamic Meditation = 47 (1 hour)
Good sleep, ok wakeup.
Still stomach sick.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour):
-x3 shoulders
-x2 lip picking finger flicking
-x1 clenching of teeth
-x3 arising of worry
-2 from worry about my computer battery being in the red why worry? It will happen when it happens
-X3 laughing - clear light?
Notes: Content doesn’t matter - who cares if the arising of worry was caused by work or something else? So perhaps it’s better (or rather, more useful) not to talk about the particulars - it’s more about fidgeting rather than finger flicking, lip picking etc. Perhaps it’s ‘more useful

- Lost concentration midway. It was very difficult sustaining a full hour - almost like I needed a break. Is this a better way of doing it? Having reps and then connecting them eventually?

-The laughing thing was easier to bring up this time. Is his what the books call clear light? Bears further research