Day 358

Day 358 Record Keeping
Day 327 Fixed Meditation
Day 273 Bodyweight Exercise (2 regular pushups)
Day 200 Writing (Pitch)
Day 373 Eating = 81
Day 130 Work = 51
Day 8 Dynamic Meditation = 51
Good sleep, good slow and tired wakeup.
Sick - stomach is feeling horrible. If this is because of my pizza binge, then it’s a great incentive to not cheat.

Dynamic Med Notes (40 minutes):
-minor things - flicking hands and tapping foot
-X3 shoulders
-x6 laughter
-x2 flicking fingers
-X1 clenching teeth
-X3 lip picking
-x3 finger picking
-X3 arising of impatience at work
-multiple arisings of negativity - hating people, anger at things, future -projections, teeth clenching, revulsion but only crystallizations
-It’s as though I need to focus on two things. One is the noticing of arising. The other is that feeling of cheating at life. Perhaps the two can be solved together?Because when I feel the arisings then I become a bit sad that that is me now
-Thought on a checklist phone app with standard checks to record while on the go
-Thought that I need to be able to calmly and joyously work and the arising tension of work is also something to observe 
-VERY difficult doing more than one thing at once - i.e. working AND chatting online - and doing meditation