Day 357

Day 357 Record Keeping
Day 326 Fixed Meditation
Day 272 Bodyweight Exercise (2 regular pushups)
Day 199 Writing (68 words)
Day 372 Eating = 75
Day 129 Work = 58
Day 7 Dynamic Meditation = 48
Good sleep, really slow and tired wakeup.
Yesterday I felt really really carb/ego depleted. I took the day off - What I’ve noticed is that the day after coming back from traveling is usually when all the exhaustion crashed into me. So why not take that day off, leaning into the program rather than wearing myself out on it. 

I took the day off, and decided to just order and eat a pizza. It was glorious. I had two cokes, cause I felt really thirsty. I usually don’t crave cokes anymore, but I did then. 

Then I experienced this flood of what I’ll carb repletion. It made me felt really bad, and I think I either am feeling the carryover today, or I’m just getting sick again (a lot of people here are sick so that’s inevitable).

I really like the idea of taking the day off on days I know I’m crashing because of ego depletion. But eating that much off my diet just makes me feel horrible. I need to just take it easy and eat some more solid carbs - brown rice, potatoes, yams, etc. so that I don’t totally crash from all the processed carbs. Because I still feel pretty horrible and it has effected my habits today.

Dynamic Med Notes (20 minutes):
-X6 Anger
-X2 clenched teeth

Notes: Needless to say, this was a step back - I just haven’t been able to get on the outside of the immense frustration with work and torpor I’m feeling today. Tomorrow is another day.