Day 355

Day 355 Record Keeping
Day 324 Fixed Meditation
Day 270 Bodyweight Exercise (3x6 regular pushups)
Day 197 Writing (editing)
Day 370 Eating = 78
Day 127 Work = 49
Day 5 Dynamic Meditation = 52
Bad sleep, ok wakeup.

Dynamic Med Notes (20 minutes):
-X3 crystallization of shoulders
-clenching of teeth
-x3 crystallization of teeth clenching
-X4 crystallization of worry for doing this in front of other people and worry of how it would look - self consciousness
-X3 general crystallization of
-X8 Flexing of warm inner glow of happiness-like fanning fans of a fire - directly under solar plexus, warm glow under collar bone
-X2 disgust/irritation of coughing
-X1 irritation of distraction
-X1 frustration at internet
Movies are a great way to practice