Day 351

Day 351 Record Keeping
Day 320 Fixed Meditation (vipassana)
Day 266 Bodyweight Exercise (2 walk down and up bridges)
Day 193 Writing (editing)
Day 366 Eating = 75
Day 123 Work = 55
Day 3 Dynamic Meditation = 45
Great sleep, great wakeup.
Bridges have been harder. Writing has been harder. Eating has been very easy and work, now that I start in the beginning, has been much much easier.

Dynamic Med Notes (for 1 hour):
x4 finger picking
x7 shoulders
x7 laughing
x4 lip picking
x1 clenching teeth
x5 crystallization of worry/seriousness/tension - used various techniques to counter
Notes: ¬†excitement of the ability to do this is and that it is possible. Was definitely difficult after 30 minutes, but somewhere in the middle there was a sweet spot where the “laughter” symbolizing the radical freedom of cheating at life emerged a lot. Towards the end there were more arising of negativity - but more importantly the formation of that arising, a subtler thing than finding myself immediately in the fully formed emotion.