Day 350

Day 350 Record Keeping
Day 319 Fixed Meditation
Day 265 Bodyweight Exercise (2x5 bulgarian split squats)
Day 192 Writing (59 words)
Day 365 Eating = 74
Day 122 Work = 50
Day 2 Dynamic Meditation = 28
Great sleep, great wakeup. 

Dynamic Med Notes (for 20 minutes):
X6 shoulder tension
X1 lip picking
knot forming in the mind
X1 clenching teeth
started using anchoring technique to counter recurrent shoulder tension
irritation of being side tracked but the realization is that there is no side tracking
x4 laughter - realization of choice in emotional state and it’s easiness, but also that this is wildly all encompassing

Notes: subtleties of emerging tension and the difference between negativity and focus which can start to manifest as a knot of worry - the point is relaxed focus