Day 335 & Back from the Dominican Republic

Day 335 Record Keeping
Day 304 Fixed Meditation 
Day 250 Bodyweight Exercise  (3 typewriter pushups)
Day 177 Writing (203 words)
Day 350 Eating = 66
Day 107 Work = 43
Good sleep, good wakeup. 

Back from the Dominican Republic
I actually don’t think I would’ve done so badly with eating and habits in general if it weren’t for the fact I was also working and horribly sick. In many cases I kept automatically making correct food choices, but then I totally lost it a couple days in. 

I’m starting to feel better. But I have another trip coming up. 

I’m liking this challenge of working with travel and sickness and seeing how it works with habit formation. I’m still shocked at how often my superhabits are done despite the turbulence these last week or two.