Day 327 & Road Tripping Food

Day 327 Record Keeping
Day 296 Fixed Meditation 
Day 242 Bodyweight Exercise  (stretches, 3 bridge)
Day 169 Writing (73 words)
Day 342 Eating = 82
Day 99 Work = 61
Great sleep, great wakeup. 

Road Tripping Food
It’s the end of day 4 of my road trip from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Portland, Oregon. Today was especially long - no real time, an early start, and all day driving. 

Yet, for some reason, my eating habit has been phenomenal. Despite roadside snacks, fast food stops, and being in places that would be great for a free pass (Las Vegas), I’ve been surprisingly, shockingly on point.

Here are a few places I’ve eaten and what I’ve chosen to eat:

McDonald’s - hashbrowns and coffee
Denny’s - a meat lover’s omelet (gave my bread away)
Las Vegas Pub - A meat carving plate (gave my bread away)
Casino Buffet - non fried seafood, meat with one small slice of pizza
In-car snacks - beef jerky, nuts, and pistachios
A route 66 Diner - a green chile and chorizo omelet
Subway - a spicy Italian chopped salad

It just goes to show you that keeping up with habits, even food habits, is possible. And surprisingly most of my other habits are also pretty much in tact - I’m not writing as much, but when I have time (like tonight) I do it - it’s not that hard. I do my stretches/workout - a very short one in the morning - but I do it. And I meditate whenever I have time - in the shower, or in the car.

I’m very pleased with this. A huge part of this habit is to be able to constuct a habit system that works, even when you’re on the go. And these next few weeks are really going to test that to the max.

I am worried about work - but we’ll tackle it just the way we’ve tackled everything else - slowly, steadily, across time and by starting again the next day without self recriminations if we’ve made a mistake today.