Day 326 & Multi-Day Road Trip to Portland

Day 326 Record Keeping
Day 295 Fixed Meditation 
Day 241 Bodyweight Exercise  (stretches, bridge, typewriter pushups)
Day 168 Writing (none - no time)
Day 341 Eating = 77
Day 98 Work = 59
Great sleep, great wakeup. 

Road Trip to Portland
I forgot to blog about the fact I’m doing a multi day road trip. Left day before yesterday, had no time that day. Ate lunch in Flagstaff, Arizona, then got to Las Vegas.

At Vegas ended up walking a lot, but had no time for anything the first day. Today I got a chance to do my meditation, workout, but no writing, or work. Have been amazing amazing control with eating. Which is really great.

I think the shift occurred in Albuquerque - I had a couple of scheduled cheat meals where I ate fried foods - fish and chips and wings to my recollection - and had horrible stomach issues. So here even though I’ve given myself the free pass to cheat in my own head, I just automatically avoid bread - giving it to someone else, and have just made the choices that align with my habit.

I’ve been exhausted the last few days, but I’ll try to record and blog as best as I can.