Day 320 & First Standing to Bridge Wall Walkdown!

Day 320 Record Keeping
Day 289 Fixed Meditation 
Day 235 Bodyweight Exercise  (First full standing to bridge wall walkdown!)
Day 162 Writing (248 words, work writing)
Day 335 Eating = 69
Day 92 Work = 57
Great sleep, great wakeup.

First Standing to Bridge Wall Walkdown!I feel really pumped because of this -it’s something I’ve been working on for a long time. The other day I did my first *almost* bridge to standing wall walk UP. I’m sure I could have done it earlier but I didn’t have the confidence or the spotter to watch me go down. Today I just went for it.

Mind you, it wasn’t pretty. I did a bit of sliding down the wall rather than controlled walking. I had a full extension the first time, and then kind of slumped into it when I did a second time in front of Lydia, then collapsed without fully holding it.

The hardest part is transitioning from the wall to the floor - that transition takes muscles in my upper back that I didn’t know I had…and I’m still squirming a bit trying to stretch them out.

I was telling a friend of my accomplishment, and realized that I don’t think I’ve ever done that. Not even when I could do bridges all the time as a kid in gymnastics - I just never practiced it. I’ve never done this move before. That’s pretty heartening considering I’m about to turn 36.

I can’t wait to stabilize it and start working on wall-less standing to floor bridging!