Day 316 and First Bridge to Standing Walkup!

Day 316 Record Keeping
Day 285 Fixed Meditation 
Day 231 Bodyweight Exercise  (bridge wall walkdowns and walkups)
Day 158 Writing (69 words, difficult)
Day 331 Eating = 71
Day 88 Work = 61
Ok sleep, great wakeup.

First Bridge to Standing Walkup!
I’ve been trying to improve my bridges because I feel like I’ve hit a wall. So I’ve been trying to focus on standing to bridge wall walkdowns. These have been going well, I think it’s more of a hesitancy and fear to go fully down without a spotter.

So today I tried doing a bridge (ground up) by holding the wall about head level (if I was doing the bridge on the ground). I had the strength to do it, which I was pleased about because attempts of changing it up by doing it on a chair just didn’t work. 

Then I thought to myself…hmm…how bout walking up? And I could do it! It was really exciting, and I consider it a big step in my bridge progression.

I can’t completely do it from a bridge. But it’s close. I tried doing it (I probably shouldn’t have done that today) from a floor bridge - but transitioning from that to grabbing the wall was just a little too difficult.

I spent a lot of time afterwards looking up walkover progressions. It’s exciting! I think I really need to focus on progressing - having books or chairs that are smaller to focus on the progress….I’ve been just mindlessly doing ground bridges for a while now - it’s good, it has developed my arms, but I need to make sure I know the next step to force progress.