Day 302, Merry Christmas (and Travels)

Day 302 Record Keeping
Day 271 Fixed Meditation 
Day 217 Bodyweight Exercise  (stretches)
Day 144 Writing (BREAK)
Day 317 Eating = 64
Day 74 Work = 60
Great sleep, great wakeup. 

Merry Christmas!
I spent the last few days traveling to Dallas and hanging out with a friend. In terms of habit formation, I once again didn’t prep properly!

My friend doesn’t have Wifi  - and though I knew this, I didn’t even do basic lo-tech prep - like having an offline copy of the SRHI. I did end up getting a hold of it, but it’s definitely something I need to have down as basic travel procedure.

And I still really need to just commit it to memory - it would save on a lot of time.

I ended up doing a lot of work on my meditation and anxiety relief book for my mother in order to present it to her today. It basically incorporated a lot of stuff I’ve gleaned from meditation and a miniature version of this habit formation project - I’ve found it really applies to meditative practices because people often quit after a few weeks. I want her to stick with it.

My other habits are split down the middle. I worked out each day when I had time, and I did my meditations. My eating went south - it’s the holiday season and I was with a friend, I’m accepting of that. And my work - well, I’m not working this week, it’s something I was intending. But my work SRHI score has taken a hit.

Since it is Christmas I told myself I’d take the day off. But I felt compelled to do my meditations and my exercises….and my recording - superhabits indeed! I’m forcing myself to take a break from writing/editing since I just printed off a book and I’m just not really organized when it comes to what project to do next. It’s ok.

But I am excited, now that the book is complete, to really work on my writing workflow - one day of writing, the next day of editing….me, excited about that process is really unusual, and it makes me absolutely love this project!