Day 293 & Writing Superhabit!

Day 293 Record Keeping
Day 262 Fixed Meditation 
Day 208 Bodyweight Exercise  (2x10 25 lb KB swings, 2x5 burpees, superseted)
Day 135 Writing = 82 (794 words)
Day 308 Eating = 67
Day 65 Work = 65
Great sleep, great wakeup. 
Yesterday’s laps was more due to an extended errand I had to run - all habits were done except for work and recording….and that’s something I need to analyze a bit because I tend to wait until I’ve finished work to record.

Writing Superhabit
It’s been 8 days consecutively above 80 on the SRHI, and about 3 weeks on and off at around that same number. I will no longer be taking and recording the SRHI for writing.

In a previous post I wondered if I should wait to see how fluid it is to write something I would actually publish. The past few weeks I’ve been writing my NaNoWriMo book and editing. My concern was whether or not the fear factor of starting a for-work article would gunk up the mechanism - the idea being that the greater the habituation the less fear is involved in the habit.

Well, today I did just such an article and I had absolutely no problem - it was completely fluid. I wrote 794 words like it was nothing. Fantastic! I’m grinning looking back at the beginning when I was trying to get 50 words down. TinyHabits really do work!

It also gave me a clearer idea of how the work habit should progress - once I’m done with my current project of editing, I want to get into the habit of alternating with days of writing and days of editing and polishing, and throw in a day of pitching. This will completely nail my freelance writing life.

As someone who has struggled for a long time with this - it’s fantastic. The ability to just write, and leave polishing for the next day is incredibly freeing. I know I’m good at editing and rearranging structure to get a good product out, so it’s easier to get my raw thoughts out. 

I’m really looking forward to progressing in this, and I feel this is a huge accomplishment! It will allow me to turn my full attention to nailing eating and my work habit.