Day 29 and Next Habit

SRHI = 55

Horrible night sleep, bleary wakeup. Feel groggy. Might be because I carb loaded last night.

I’m approaching the mid point of this habit - on Day 33 I’m planning on starting another one. 

I was really trying to decide whether or not to start meditating or start working out. In lieu of Arnold’s injunction (mentioned in the last post) to get your head on straight, and since I’m starting this whole project again, it’s going to be meditation.

Why? I have days where I get horribly depressed. The method in which I meditate has constantly proven to be a mood lifter - it fills me with positive vibes that last for a while. Only it’s not constant.

The goal is to rewire myself so that whenever I’m starting to feel depressed or blah my natural instinct is to do a meditation. I want to practice it so that it becomes automatic and FAST.

The other aspect I need to focus on is to use fear and procrastination as load stones to what I should do. Hypnotica has an exercise in one of his tapes where he says to immediately do the things that you fear X number of times a day.

That would be mind blowing for me. I fear so many small things. Work and writing, to just going out and exploring. This itself would be so difficult, but would probably change my life. 

Those are the two things I want to focus on, but I’ll have to figure out how I do this and the protocols I will begin with.