Day 280 & Recounts in SRHI, When to Claim Superhabit Status

Day 280 Record Keeping
Day 249 Fixed Meditation 
Day 195 Bodyweight Exercise  (2x10 25lb kbell swings)
Day 122 Writing = 79 (888 words)
Day 295 Eating = 59
Day 52 Work = 58
Ok sleep, good wakeup.

Recounts on SRHI, When to Claim Superhabit Status
Today I was doing my SRHI today on writing and did a miscount….and then recounted and changed one question so that it was one point higher. It was almost like I knew that it was going to be a 79, and as I was doing it I moved one point in reavaluation ….so it hit 80. It was a weird quasi manipulation that I’m not sure is correct or not.

I put it back down to 79 - which is annoying because today would have been a week at 80 - for my purposes in the past I mentioned that one week at 80 equals a superhabit.

Generally I feel that my first run through is the most correct as it is not over thought. Secondly I think that individual point scales do not matter - this is a general scale and if it’s not there it is not there. But it is almost there and that is exciting. Thirdly, I really do need a better, more efficient method to take the SRHI to prevent needing a recount in the first place.