Day 28 and Arnold


Great night sleep, horrible wakeup. drank an extra glass of wine last night, am becoming very sensitive to alcohol because I usually do not drink nowadays. That or this is just horrible wine which is entirely possible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger just did yet another “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit. He responded to a girl asking for workout advice and his response is just great:

You need to develop the will before the body. Every move you make will come from your head. So get your head straight and don’t be lazy. It doesn’t take much to start. Set goals and hit them. Start slow and you’ll build the will.”

I am a huge fan of Arnold, but I really wasn’t before. I knew of him, as any kid who grew up in the 80s did, but I had no idea how difficult it was and how successful he was. He was the undisputed champion of his field, winning elite bodybuilding competitions more than anyone, and did more - bringing it out from being an obscure sport to one that’s normal. He was an incredibly successful businessman, launching everything from a brick laying business to a getting into real estate. He became a movie star despite the fact everything was against him - his accent, his body build, his name. He refused to change his name! I just read his book, Total Recall and he says (I’m pretty sure he reiterates it somewhere down in the Reddit thread) that you can see that as a challenge - and since he had such a unique name it was harder - but once he broke through no one will ever forget it.

He clearly understands the engine of success. And it’s pretty simple - start small, set goals, and it’s all about reps, reps, reps. The hardest thing sometimes is letting your own mind, your own psychology get in the way of a pretty simple mechanism. It’s one of the main reasons the plan is to set up meditation as the next habit in the chain.