Day 279 & Fluctuating SRHI Indexes

Day 279 Record Keeping
Day 248 Fixed Meditation 
Day 194 Bodyweight Exercise  (3 bridges, 3 dragon lifts - almost flags)
Day 121 Writing = 80 (111 words)
Day 294 Eating = 59
Day 51 Work = 54
Ok sleep, good wakeup.

Fluctuating SRHI Indexes
My bodyweight exercises are going really well - I’ve almost achieved a shaky dragon flag. It’s nowhere near good form, but being able to lever up to my shoulders and go slowly down is really exciting progress.

My writing is basically a superhabit - throwing down words every day is easy - and NaNoWriMo really solidified it. BUT, my eating is in shambles and so is my work habit.

There is a weird emotional load with this - the feeling that doing excellent in writing is overshadowed by not being good enough in eating and work. It gets me down.

What I have to understand is that I did three habits stacked on top of one another - and these are ones that are hard - both emotionally and in terms of length to full habituation like the eating habit. Not to mention this time of year isn’t really great for habits either. It’s really hard.

So what I need to do is understand that despite incredibly difficult circumstances I’ve just about added another superhabit to the list. And I need to check out a set of protocols to handle holidays - call it the Thanksgiving or Christmas Protocol - and acknowledge its difficulty, especially since I will (hopefully) be doing this for years to come.