Day 27 and Basic Habits


Great night sleep, great wakeup

Throughout this project I want to put attention on basic tasks that we all generally want as a habit. You always hear people talking about how they want to workout everyday, or start flossing, but we rarely turn our full attention to just how few of those statements we actually follow through on. And sometimes even if you do, it’s hard to remember the habits you’ve stated. 

When we say “I really need to improve my posture” I rarely really think about it. It’s something to say and mean in the moment, but all too often it takes a back seat.

Luckily gamification is bringing some of these to light. KWIT is a gamified program to quit smoking. I haven’t used it, but it seems to be a great setup with achievements, a social element where you can share those achievements, and even a running statistics list to show how much money you’ve saved. 

Lumo Lift is another one for posture, one I believe I’ve mentioned in the past. I’ve ordered mine, and it is something I’ve vowed to work on many times in the past.

Unfortunately flossing has not, as far as I know, been gamified yet - makes me really want to start a “learning coding” habit - but if I’ve learned anything in this endeavor is it pays to be slow and methodical.