Day 259 & Chasing Habits

Day 259 Record Keeping
Day 228 Fixed Meditation 
Day 174 Bodyweight Exercise  (2x10 25 lb kettlebell swings, burpee supersets)
Day 101 Writing = 69 (154 words)
Day 274 Eating = 68
Day 31 Work = 69
Good sleep, good wakeup.

Chasing Habits
I go through these phases, moments where I lose focus and start thinking about what else I could be doing. I look at people who are publishing a lot of stuff, or people who have dramatically reduced weight, and I go down a train of thought where I go after that stuff too.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I think for me this is the worst track I could possibly go down. I’ve been that guy who wants to do everything now, and who ultimately, never masters or progresses with anything. You know those people - the serial health nuts, the New Years promise gym goers. Intensely focused for a few months, before losing interest and adding it to the junk pile of abandoned dreams.

A part of it is just impatience - I want things now. I have to constantly remind myself that process-oriented work - doing habits and focusing on consistency - blossoms in the future. It’s not flashy, doing a bit here and a bit there every day over the course of months.

It’s funny that even though I feel like I’ve maintained a great deal of habit consistency, I still find myself chasing the newest thing - what if I just banged out 3,000 words today? What if I pitched today? What if I did bodybuilding really hardcore for 3 months? I don’t know that this will all work - it’s theoretically sound, but I’m just starting to harvest the results. So it’s still not cemented in my mind.

I have nothing against brief periods of intensity - my no bread challenge was a great boost to my eating habit. But ultimately, short term practices don’t hook into your subconscious like full habit formation - full habit formation allows you to be done and move on - little clockwork-like mechanisms that just keep ticking on in the background, allowing you to accrue bonus points and level up.

Right now I’m straddling both sides of myself - my past of a guy with life ADD, and the person I’m forging now with this project, one that has endurance and grit and focus to get things done no matter how long they take.

It’s time to start chasing habits.