Day 250 & Friends Visiting

Day 250 Record Keeping
Day 218 Fixed Meditation 
Day 164 Bodyweight Exercise  (3x8 pushups)
Day 91 Writing = 66 (567 words)
Day 264 Eating = 67
Day 21 Work = 56
Great sleep, great wakeup. Tired and lazy.

Friends Visiting
I had friends visiting this weekend. That is great and all - I had a fantastic time and I feel very lucky to have seen them - it’s been around 7 years, and it was just like picking the friendship up again.

It did ding up the habits a bit. I went into “battle conditions” and minimized all habits in order to preserve them. This worked. But it is interesting that as soon as they left, the exhaustion set in and I couldn’t be bothered to do anything - missing my habits yesterday. All of them.

I have the sense that this has happened before. It’s been like string under tension - or muscles….Doing habits while having other things to do (not to mention space issues as they crashed in my tiny apartment) puts tension, and when it’s gone, the slack makes me all dribbly and lazy.

Picking them up again today was difficult - but I had to force myself to do it. And if my system was truly gamified I’d want to give myself extra points for having continued after this sequence - both the tension and the dropping of the habits - it’s just harder picking them up.