Day 25 and Lower Willpower=More Habits?

SRHI = 35

Great night sleep, somewhat groggy wakeup

Absolutely completely forgot to do this yesterday. It is shocking how it just completely slipped my mind. Needless to say all the questions about if “you feel weird NOT doing the task” on the SRHI were ranked at “strongly disagree”.

Lower Willpower and Other Habits

I’ve been following a basic logic that deliberately cultivating a habit through recording lowers my overall general discipline. This is the reason I changed from doing multiple habits to cultivating them just one at a time.

While I’ve been deliberately keeping up with this “record-keeping” habit I’ve almost miraculously been eating perfectly well. Eating right was a habit that I wanted to cultivate later on down the line. But yet, right now, and for the last month, it’s been fantastic.

Now a part of this is the location I’m living - it’s a little town in Florianopolis, Brazil that’s in the middle of nowhere. There aren’t really that many restaurants etc. But I could, if I wanted get pasta and bread at the local store or grab pizza all the time (there’s a fantastic pizzeria nearby). I could, and have in the past, just as easily eat bad.

Just to go out on a limb and freely brainstorm - what if the drain from deliberate practice actually causes more to happen? What if deliberate habituation actually causes a window where non-deliberate habituation could happen?

I don’t know why this would happen. Maybe lowering willpower actually opens up the parts of the brain that allow habituation to occur. In the past I remember developing bad habits  - which makes sense during this time of weakened willpower - but maybe it’s more widespread than that.

Anyway, just something to watch out for in the future.