Day 246 & "Moduling"

Day 246 Record Keeping
Day 214 Fixed Meditation 
Day 160 Bodyweight Exercise  (3x8 burpees)
Day 87 Writing = 70 (60 words)
Day 260 Eating = 71
Day 17 Work = 66
Great sleep, great wakeup.

Yesterday I talked about regimentation and about 4 phases of any given skill in this project. I want to talk a little bit more of what I’m calling, for lack of a better word, “Moduling.”

I find that a great deal of my stress and anxiety comes from worrying about the project as a whole. So instead of being precise and regimented, I worry incessantly about my writing habit or meditation habit throughout the entire day. I worry that I’m not doing enough. I imagine a time when I’m decent at writing or meditating or exercising and realize that I’m nowhere near there yet. So I fret about doing more.

This only leads to me losing the willpower and endurance that will get me there. It’s like seeing an impossible task as a whole, rather than seeing it as made up of manageable bits.

The reason I do this is because I’m worried about my moduling. Is what I’m doing today the proper dose that will make me grow? Do I have a schedule already mapped out of what that will be tomorrow and the day after?

Being assured of that proper scheduling allows me to not think about the task later in the day and to fully focus on it while I’m doing it. It’s the glue to regimentation. IF regimentation is the ability to do multiple tasks at their alotted time, then modulation - figuring out what to do in that time in advance - makes it emotionally possible.

Focusing on this mentally in general - focusing one task at a time and throwing it away for the rest of the day - is making me feel energized. And to keep that ability I need proper modulation.