Day 244 & More Thoughts on Regimented Mental Frame

Day 244 Record Keeping
Day 212 Fixed Meditation 
Day 158 Bodyweight Exercise  (2x8 elevated pushups, 1x4 extremely close set pushups, 2x3 straight leg bent knee inverted rows, 1x5 bkir)
Day 85 Writing = 67
Day 258 Eating = 67
Day 15 Work = 51
Great sleep, great wakeup.
Trying to work up to diamond pushups again - elevated pushups aren’t very hard and just work out my shoulders more. Trying to work up to full bent knee inverted rows on the pullup bar.

More Thoughts on Regimented Mental Frame
Yesterday I talked about my objective of focusing on one task at a time and switching between tasks in a relaxed state with the idea that the less emotional I am the more ingrained a task is as a habit. This is basically Regimentation - something I initially talked about before. (And I just realized I have implemented a regimentation microcycle into my work habit by only doing 15 minutes at the beginning - so these random thoughts of mine eventually do come back…even if I don’t recognize it!)

Yesterday I went to bed and woke up this morning in a pretty bad mood. Most of my bad moods upon wakeup have to do with not getting enough done. Last night I had done all my tasks but started taking my mind out to the future, how much stuff I want to accomplish (much of it having to do with later stages of this project) and how small and almost miniscule my advances have been. When I get this way, I tend to lock up - when I wake up this way everything moves in slow motion - I’ve got gunk in my habit forming gears.

So I started thinking about other aspects of the project this morning. That focusing on these boring things day in and day out is exactly what distilled progress is. That’s not to say that progress can’t happen in leaps and bounds - but the percentage chance of me, say, being a published author, comes from a long hours working on writing - even just forming the habit of writing - day by day.

This is a very hard mental frame for me to get into. To quote one of my favorite bands of all time, Queen “I want it all…..and I want it NOW!”

Odd that most of us have no problems toiling away at a video game to level up - but I really think time is of a factor - it doesn’t take years to do it and the scale adapts - it’s easier to level up at first, and there is a psychological snowball effect. Sure it takes a long time to max out that last skill, but you’ve had tons of experience of knowing that if you toil away you will get rewards. And maybe that should be built in to this project - start with small easy to develop habits so you know the payoff of harder habits. I don’t know.

Today I managed to get back on track mentally. It’s something I need to really focus on as this project continues.