Day 243 and Another New Protocol

Day 243 Record Keeping
Day 211 Fixed Meditation 
Day 157 Bodyweight Exercise  (3 bridges, 3 dragon lifts)
Day 84 Writing = 64
Day 257 Eating = 66
Day 14 Work = 33
Great sleep, great wakeup. Still having problems getting into the rhythm.

Another New Protocol
I’ve been having lots of problems with all my habits. A portion of that is the travel I’ve been doing. But more importantly is that my work habit has seriously messed everything up.

My work habit is 2 hours. Not tiny at all. It’s also something that causes me a huge amount of stress - a lot of initial will to get it started. Since i recently switched stuff around so that I do this first (before I used to do the newest habits as soon as I get up in the morning to just get over that inertia), I’ve delayed doing the first task, and so it gets put off. When it gets put off, my automaticity gets worse, because things like recording aren’t pinned to a certain time - it’s just whenever it gets done.

Now, it’s good because I’ve still largely been doing all my tasks. But the automaticity of them….that’s a different thing - and it’s all so draining. A part of that is that I have too many habits in formation - eating, writing, and work. Not good.

I took yesterday off from several habits (including recording) and today I decided to start off with meditation, because it puts me in a good mood, then 15 minutes of work to help with the inertia, then the rest of my tasks. This way I can condense everything to about 2 hours just to survive this cycle.

I need to do these three habits. Afterwards I want to slow down and get back to just working on one habit at a time.

The other thing I’m focusing on is to not think of more than one habit at a time - My goal is to just think of the task a head of me. My other goal is to do each task as dispassionately as possible. I recently read that the more a habit is a part of your routine the less emotion goes into it - and that resonates with me. Calm, focused, relaxed, from one thing to the next.