Day 230, Work Habit and Shifting Schedules

Day 230 Record Keeping
Day 198 Fixed Meditation 
Day 144 Bodyweight Exercise  (3 bridge walkdowns, 3 bridges, 3 dragon lifts)
Day 71 Writing = 65
Day 244 Eating = 67
Day 1 Work = 20
Great sleep, great wakeup.

Work Habit
I’ve found that my work duties have really been draining my endurance and willpower recently. I wake up with no energy, because I know I’ve got to do my habits, then do my work, then try to do more pitching.

The work task I have that’s really draining me is not project based, it’s time based. I log 2 hours, with the hopes of later expanding that.

But because of this I’ve got my willpower diverted to my two habits that are forming - writing and eating. And there is no tinyhabit for this - I need to do 2 hours - that’s the base habit. So it’s understandable that I’m drained soon as I get up. And although it has been suggested that I just try to do 15 minutes, it’s always in the back of my mind that I really have to do 2 hours.

I have also been treating this work task as though it’s a completely separate activity outside of this project. But I’m beginning to see that there is nothing outside of this project - willpower is one depleteable resource.

Shifting Schedules
I feel like I have solved this problem today.

First, I have folded any writing I do for work to be a part of my writing habit - this includes writing articles or pitching. I’ve started just writing articles in advance so that I can spread out the task rather than waiting until it’s on a deadline.

Today I shifted my tasks - instead of doing all my superhabits first, then my regular habits, THEN my 2 hour work task, which is what I usually do, I did my 2 hour work task as soon as I got up in the morning.

This makes sense - I used to do this when any new habit because it caused me to work on starting inertia when I presumably have the most willpower - at the beginning of the day.

Today my mood was really great, and I got everything done. I felt better and not utterly drained when getting up in the morning. Let’s see how this progresses.

The worry is that I’m still working on a deficit of willpower, since I’m still working on 2 other habits (normally I would wait until I’ve got a solid habit before startin ganother one) - I’m hoping that the reordering AND the fact that writing is a minihabit should allow me some leeway with this.