Day 224, Back from Travel/Sickness - Analysis

Day 224 Record Keeping
Day 192 Fixed Meditation
Day 138 Bodyweight Exercise  (1x7 diamond pushups)
Day 65 Writing = 53
Day 238 Eating = 62
Great sleep, great wakeup.

Travel Analysis
Actually did far far worse at keeping up with habits this trip than the last trip through Brazil.

The main reason is the my failure at the real lynchpin of it all - recording. The first few days I had easy access to internet and just assumed that I would in all other places. This prevented me from getting into a low tech version - recording it all on a notebook - something I did in the Brazil trip.

Instead I just didn’t even think to reach for the notebook - I didn’t have the notebook protocol as an implementation intention - so there was no implementation.

Secondly, I failed at over simplifying certain things. Meditation could have been simplified and compressed so that I did it in the shower. Writing could have been a note scribbled in an notebook, etc. I did do very well with exercising but only because my back was wonky, and I needed to do back stretches to survive the day.

On the positives it really did take a lot of effort to NOT do things. Eating badly was particularly hard to do, especially since it had me feeling horrible afterwards. IT made me really eager to get back to eating well. It does make me feel that scheduled cheats like this might be a very good thing.

For superhabits I had to ask myself - did circumstances overbalance the habit, or was it a simple non-flexing of will? Considering how many early days and exhausting mornings I had, I have  to say that circumstances were hard to do these habits.

This is good because it hones my travel protocol - OVER SIMPLIFY and most importantly - go low tech with recording.

These leaves me with several questions - are my “superhabits” superhabits anymore? I’d be curious to find out after a week of getting back to my routine. 

Other than that, though I had a great time on my trip  it’s great to be back!