Day 212 & Travel Protocol

Day 212 Record Keeping
Day 180 Fixed Meditation
Day 126 Bodyweight Exercise  (back stretches)
Day 53 Writing = 67
Day 226 Eating = 80
Great sleep, great wakeup. Still having problems with emotional control - depressed, easily frustrated yesterday.

Travel Protocol
I’m going to be traveling for the next 10 days (England and France). Last time I really traveled it was for the World Cup in Brazil, and my travel protocol worked pretty well. I lowered every habit to it’s basic TinyHabit (as far as I could) - and it pretty much got me through.

So, for this bout of travel, I’ll be recording (I’ve got a notebook for that somewhere in case I can’t access my computer…my battery is dead so I have to continually have it plugged in and I don’t have British plugs…), basic fixed meditation in the mornings, and back stretches.

Writing and eating are more dicey. For writing I think a journal entry about the day - 50 words - would be great. And for eating I"m going to be pretty relaxed about it - I still don’t know how I should deal with it overall, but I’m curious to see how fixed it is as a potential “superhabit.”

Last time it worked pretty well to do some tasks in the mornings (meditation, exercising) and other tasks before going to bed (record keeping and writing) simply because mornings were often the most rushed times. I’ll do the same this time.

See ya in 10 or 11 days!