DAY 200!!!!!!

Day 200 Record Keeping
Day 168 Fixed Meditation 
Day 114 Bodyweight Exercise  (FULL BRIDGE!!)
Day 41 Writing = 64
Day 214 Eating = 79
Great sleep, good wakeup. 

Day 200

Well, this marks a really great day. 200 days of record keeping - and I’ve only neglected to do it 7 times (and those 7 times included times of rigorous travel).

In my last attempt at this project I only got up to 199 days - and that was with a ridiculous number of holes and incredibly shoddy record keeping. This marks the longest I’ve ever stuck with anything with this much deliberateness. And I feel completely strong in it. Record keeping is completely fixed as a “superhabit” - I think it would take a lot to prevent me from doing it. So is fixed meditation and bodyweight exercises. 

At this point I would normally hope for the best in the struggle to make it to a full year - but it really isn’t a struggle anymore as is. This bodes well for the future of this project…and with my self improvement regiment in general.