Day 2

SRHI = 18

It’s a little confusing.

Since I’m doing my record keeping in the mornings, the records are for the day before, but the actual act, blogging, and SRHI are for the day of.

I can see this potentially getting me a little off track.

Today I completely and totally forgot about doing this until I caught myself in my head before prepping to go out. The ideal is the exact opposite - to completely do this activity right when I get up in the morning automatically. So my SRHI today reflected that I had almost forgot and this task was as far from automatic as could be possible.

However, I have been on and off recording things, which resulted in a slightly higher score.  Shrug.

Either way, it’s clear that record keeping is a horrible oversight in this whole process since I haven’t at all gotten into the habit of doing it consistently, and this seems to be the linchpin in the habituation process.