Day 192 (Saturday Recording) and Pullup Bar

Day 192 Record Keeping = 84
Day 160 Fixed Meditation = 83
Day 106 Bodyweight Exercise  (3x5 diamond pushups, 2x5 inverted bent leg rows) = 81
Day 33 Writing = 41
Day 206 Eating = 74
Good sleep, great wakeup.

Saturday Recording
I said before I was going to just monitor my superhabits on Saturdays. I just want to make sure that they don’t fade away and have to be recharged sometime in the future. Having recorded, I’m happy to see they are in fine shape and still in the 80s. And it certainly feels that way subjectively - I really don’t even think about them anymore. This is a Good Thing.

Pullup Bar

I finally got a telescoping pullup bar. It’s great because I can travel with it and I can finally start my pullup progression. According to several sources, only doing a pushing series of exercises isn’t really the optimal thing.

Unfortunately my apartment here in Barcelona is small and awkward. And the only place I can put the bar is in the middle of the bathroom! And since I’m early in the progression it’s about waist high - meaning I basically have to do the limbo whenever I need to get to the sink, toilet, shower, OR washing machine. The sacrifices we make….

I’ve always had problems with pullups, even when I was in high school, skinny and strong. Now that I’m weak and (worse) fat, this is going to be spectacularly challenging. Add that to the base nervousness I have with the stability of the bar (I really really hope it’s wedged in there tight) and you’ve got a great cocktail for …. shall we say, interesting experiences.