Day 19, Gaps in Record Keeping

SRHI = 28

Great night sleep, great wakeup with no grogginess.

So this is the part I was waiting on - the inevitable place in the cycle of a habit where it goes to crap. The last few days I didn’t record. But not only did I not record my habits - I lost track of the non-recording - I had no idea 3 days were lost!

This of course knocked my SRHI down - all those questions like “Do you find it weird when you DON’T do the action?” had to be scored really low.

Personally I think this shows that Philippa Lally’s conclusion that you get the most out of the first few days out of a habit is wrong. Of course I’ll need more info - but I don’t believe that the smooth curve she gets out of her data sets is correct. There is no way that it just gets easier and easier the more you do a task - you inevitably get a crash where you are knocked down - and that’s the point where most people give up on a habit. And there are a lot of broken attempts at habits out there.

This makes record keeping a vital habit - from what I’ve read she didn’t get the full amount of data she needed because people kept not recording it.

All I can do in MY project is to keep chugging along. By my quarter mark theory (that habits get extremely difficult from a quarter to the halfway mark in their lifecycle) I stopped at day 16, so midway would be about day 30, and the full habit cycle will be 60 days.