Day 180 & When to Stop Recording

Day 180 Record Keeping 
Day 148 Fixed Meditation 
Day 94 Bodyweight Exercise  (3x8 knee diamond pushups)
Day 21 Writing = 51
Day 194 Eating SRHI = 66
Great sleep, good wakeup. Was incredibly anxious last night.

When to Stop Recording

I was really down and anxious last night. I was discussing this, and the way it came out was that it felt like there was a ton of pressure on me and I  was cracking at the seams. My self discipline for random things just kept, for want of a better word, leaking. I felt like I was blowing a gasket from all the pressure. 

Now this is expected at this time in the project, but is it really necessary? After discussing it more what came out was that my record keeping is just so lengthened that by the time I finished everything I feel done. And I have very little will left to do anything else.

The suggestion I received was - stop recording superhabits. My record keeping, fixed meditation, and bodyweight exercises have stayed the same for the last several weeks with record keeping getting perfect scores. What’s the real point if it does nothing but drag you down?

So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m cutting out recording those things. I’m also going to stop recording my bread habit. I’ll post pics and count them, just as I’ll do the same for number of days per habit and what exactly I’m doing for my bodyweight exercises. I’ll take the SRHI once a week for superhabits just to see that they’re doing ok and to assess if they need course corrections.

My hypothesis is that my mood will drastically improve, and I’ll have renewed focus for the habits I need to make better. Which is really where my willpower and endurance need to be focused anyway.