Day 168 & Adapting to Spain

Day 168 Record Keeping SRHI = 84
Day 136 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 81
Day 82 Bodyweight Exercise SRHI= 80 (8 close elbow burpees)
Day 9 Writing = 12 
Day 182 Eating SRHI = 61
Great sleep, great wakeup. 

Adapting to Spain

It’s almost 4 am, so I’m definitely still off from the layover. The flow of my core superhabits (record keeping, fixed meditation, and body weight exercises) are smooth despite the change in location. 

The apartment is really tiny, so I had to do my burpees in a narrow space. This turns out to be great because it has me practicing with elbows very close to the body, which is great for form (and the triceps).

I’m thinking about transitioning to a 3 day split. Burpees are essentially HIITs, and many sources seem to suggest  doing them twice a week (on days you don’t do anything else). It would be great if I started the week doing them, did my bridges and planks the next day, and started in on the pushup progression on day 3, since by that time I would have enough rest time. On another note, I’d really like to start a pullup progression, so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for an adjustable pullup bar while wandering around town.

After exploring the city last night I found that there are incredible options for eating well. The tapas restaurant I went to last night had incredible food that was pretty much right in line with what I eat. I had braised beef cheek, meatballs, fried sweet breads, and slow cooked ribs. A little on the fried side, but generally ok. I was worried that bread would be a problem, but the waitress immediately asked whether or not I wanted it, to which I declined. 

There’s a great selection of cured meats, and a store selling veggies nearby, so I think I’m all set to get back on course. Quality is great here, but it’s the range of options that seems to be the key element to offset boredom - and an inevitable cheat.

Writing is still barely crawling, but that’s to be expected. Will see how the week progresses.