Day 166 & Moving to Spain

Day 166 Record Keeping SRHI = 84
Day 134 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 81
Day 80 Bodyweight Exercise SRHI= 82 (2 burpees)
Day 7 Writing = 12 
Day 180 Eating SRHI = 56
Good sleep, ok wakeup. Eating habit is all over the place

Moving to Spain

I’m  moving to Barcelona today. I’m excited and all that, but it’s transitional moments like this that really test this project - and the moments where I want to pay close attention to it. My eating habit is all over the place because I’ve pretty much given up. In part it’s because I wanted to use everything in my fridge without buying more stuff. In a large part it’s because I’m saying goodbye to people and don’t really care. Though one thing I have to remind myself is that the habit isn’t done as long as you keep recording it - and I still am.

I’m excited about Barcelona because of the many English speaking communities present. Up until now I’ve been working on projects alone, and I’ve been working on habits DESPITE socializing (though there really wasn’t much socializing going on here). But through I’ve found at least the potential for other people to help me out.

One group in particular sounds interesting - it’s a club devoted to Primal eating. They do activities and hang out at places that only have healthy eats. This is a huge thing because most often than not I have to exercise more willpower in order to not cheat among friends who want to go to a bar or get a burger or what have you.

I’m proud to report that this morning and yesterday, despite cleaning, packing, and having a work deadline, I managed to do my core habits without a hitch. They really do seem like “superhabits” now.

I’ve got some more packing before heading off. It’s about 15 hours of travel, so it’ll be interesting if I’ll be up and running with my habits as soon as I land. I’ll see you in Europe!