Day 160 & Site Format

Day 160 Record Keeping SRHI = 81
Day 128 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 83
Day 74 Bodyweight Exercise SRHI= 79 (3 bridges, 1 min side and decline planks)
Day 1 Writing = 12
Day 174 Eating SRHI = 62
Good sleep, ok wakeup. Great mood yesterday. 

Site Format
A friend of mine who is interested in this blog made a joke yesterday - that he was trying to form a habit in order to read it!

This makes complete sense - the blog definitely isn’t structured for ease of reading. What I’d like to do is see if tumblr has different layout options. Ideally I’d want a “Start Here” section, with a writeup outlining the project, followed by links to key posts. I’d like another section on my graphs. And perhaps another on links to key academic articles, like Verplanken’s SRHI or Lally’s 21 days do not a habit make article.

I was initially thinking about separating out my daily log, but I’m leaning against that. In my mind it helps underscore that this is a work in progress, it’s one being done right now, and that theory does not trump the actual practice. 

I’m hoping I can change this format fairly soon without too many problems, but I won’t even attempt it until I’ve moved (t-minus 6 days).