Day 151 & Extending Bodyweight Training

Day 151 Record Keeping SRHI = 81
Day 119 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 82
Day 65 Bodyweight Exercise SRHI= 76 (1x9 burpees, 6 pushups)
Day 165 Eating SRHI = 54  
Bad sleep, good wakeup. Great mood yesterday (went to the beach).

Extending Bodyweight Training

BJ Fogg says something to the effect of planting the tiny seed of a habit comes first, and if it’s planted in the right way it will grow on its own. My very first such seed, the tinyhabit of 2 burpees is growing and I need to know how to make it grow.

Ideally I want it to have everything. Stretching, cardio, and bodyweight exercises - I want it to transition into advanced, almost gymnastic style training a la Convict Conditioning and

I cannot do dips. I can’t do pullups. I need to get an adjustable bar. I’ve added bridging and a plank progression and today I just started doing regular pushups in addition to my burpees. I should start adding legs when I feel like I have enough energy.

But the good thing is energy is coming and the habit appears to be growing on its own. Which is really great.