Day 142

Day 142 Record Keeping SRHI = 78
Day 110 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 81
Day 56 Bodyweight Exercise SRHI= 71 (3 bridges, 30 second plank)
Day 156 Eating SRHI = 59  
Great sleep, ok wakeup.

Last night I had a cheat day - ate a bunch of carbs. In order to improve I really need to maintain control during my cheats. It left me feeling a bit sick today. The ideal is to have controlled, clean refeeds rather than going all crazy just because I can.

Also I started my bodyweight exercise - today instead of doing burpees I did my alternate exercise. I did three wall walking bridges - bending backwards next to a wall and walking down as far as I can, then standing back up, trying not to use the wall for support. I can’t make it all the way down, but I’m getting there! I followed that up with a regular 30 second plank. I haven’t done those in a while, so it was a bit difficult.