Day 134 & First Glimmer of Superhabits

Day 134 Record Keeping SRHI = 80
Day 102 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 79
Day 48 Burpee SRHI= 67 (1x7)
Day 148 Eating SRHI = 40  
Great sleep, great wake up. Yesterday was the first day fully back on the eating habit.

First Glimmer of Superhabits

In a previous post I talked about what I dubbed “superhabits” - ones that are really unshakeable, and ones that might correspond to SRHI numbers in the 80s. Since I’ve been back both record keeping and fixed meditation have showed increases in SRHI numbers, and today my record keeping is at 80 - the first habit that has gotten a score this high. In addition my fixed meditation is almost there at a score of 79.

Is it stable - will it continue to be this high consistently? Is this due to the length of time, or because I have tempered the habit through the chaotic circumstances of travel? These are questions I’d like to answer.