Day 1175 & 14-Day Mobility Overhaul, Day 1

Day 1175 Record Keeping
Day 1147 Fixed Meditation (15 min)
Day 1022 Writing (1.5/30 min)
Day 561 Rowing (35 min/5000 m)
Day 302 Mobility/Stretching (30 min, toe plantarflexion, trap scrub, posterior neck mob)

Eating Habits
Day 44 Meal Prep Sunday

Early to Rise
Day 330 Sleep Recording  (1:40|2:50|10:30|11:30)
Day 301 Bedtime Curfew (DID NOT DO)
Day 139 Wakeup Alarm

ok sleep. Had a great and very busy weekend - unfortunately wasn’t able to do my Meal Prep, but ended up doing it today. 

14-Day Mobility Overhaul, Day 1
I am starting a 14-Day mobility overhaul as written in Becoming a Supple Leopard - it’s sort’ve Kelly Starrett’s version of a 30 day challenge. I’ve done a lot of walking lately and my feet have hurt a lot. My toe has hurt a lot due to rowing with no shoes. My back has been clenching. And all of it released through some dedicated mobilization. It has been incredible, which has really pushed me into the short jump needed to max out my mobilization. 

Today was my first day. It took a little longer than my 15 minutes to read and figure out exactly how to do them. It was incredibly painful and it felt really good.