DAY 1147 & Back from the States

Day 1147 Record Keeping
Day 1119 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 993 Writing (1 round/30 min)
Day 533 Rowing (DID NOT DO)
Day 274 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 302 Sleep Recording  (1|2:30|9|1)
Day 273 Bedtime Curfew
Day 111 Wakeup Alarm
Day 28 Wakeup Walk 22

Great sleep. Nixing my Wakeup Walk habit for now. This has got to be a record for the shortest habit!

Back from the States
I had a fantastic time going back to the States for my 20 year high school reunion. I left on March 25th after sort’ve unsteady routines due to having a guest. I got back last week on April 12th after a mammoth flight back - What ended up being 5 flights, 6 if you count being rerouted to San Antonio due to a storm and only getting to Austin after sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours. Then a separation due to an overbooking on our last flight, which delayed getting back to the homestead for about 2 hours. And they lost Lydia’s bags! 

After all that, I was pretty down - I felt like I hadn’t done anything. But the more I look over things the more impressed at how much I’ve improved. The stoics about hedonistic adaptation - the more you get used to pleasurable things the more you expect them in your life. Well this is self improvement adaptation. The more you improve the less you notice your own improvement. You have to force yourself to recognize your successes.

I meditated a lot. I usually went to bed early, and even kept recording my stats for the week and a half I was in Houston even though I wasn’t recording anything formally. I did partial cookups every Sunday, going to the store and getting bags of salad and veggies to throw together for lunches during the week. I went on walks, did an instance of kettlebell swings, and went kayaking. I worked a bit and didn’t do any mobilizing. I did not record.

But man - that’s a lot for a jam packed couple of weeks split between two states. And what’s even better? I’m already starting up again and it’s been less than a week. It usually takes me a full week or 2 to get back to even thinking about starting up everything again.

My plan now is to just to stabilize my habits. I’m down to my daily minimums, and I’m not going to do my morning walking (big mistake starting that the week I was leaving, hehe). I have a long time of stability with no trips planned, so I can really hunker down and experiment, test, and add new habits. Jet lag has been horrible, and I had an immensely trying day emotionally today - but that’s to be expected these first few weeks back. Right on cue.