Day 11 and Habituation is not Mastery


Great sleep, woke up groggy and soar

Habituation is not Mastery
This is one point I’d like to underscore what with my obsession with habits. A habit does not mean you’ve mastered a skill. Some habits are a win in and of themselves - if you eat right, you are going to reap the rewards. The same goes for exercise in losing weight and things like flossing.

But the same does not go for many skills - i.e. learning a musical instrument, becoming functionally strong, learning an art, etc. At some point you’re going to get stuck in a plateau where you habitually practice a task but do not progress. It’s natural to practice parts of the skill you feel most comfortable with but not actual aspects that you have to work on to become better.

Busting through these phases involves mental anguish and may involve changing up your practices. But that’s all in the future and there is no doubt I’ll have to talk about methods to bust through plateaus. But for me, the first step in that long walk towards skill acquisition is forming the bracketed period of time in which you practice.