Day 1097 & How Long Does It Take to Form a Once-A-Week Habit?

Day 1097 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits

Day 33 Meal Prep Sunday 80

Early to Rise
Day 252 Sleep Recording  (3|11:30|12:15)
Day 223 Bedtime Curfew
Day 61 Wakeup Alarm

Great sleep, great wakeup. Cycling through immense exhaustion and depletion for the week. Last several days have been filled with rapid cycles of depression and anxiety. Been napping and have been quite tired despite having a record streak of amazing sleep.

How Long Does It Take to Form a Once-A-Week Habit?

Meal Prep Sunday logged in at an 80 on the SRHI! But this isn’t just about Meal Prep - it’s about gauging something no one seems to talk about: How long does it take to form a solid once-a-week habit?

There are several such habits I’ve thought about doing. A body metrics habit to record body recomposition. A regular Instagram (or other social media marketing) day. A weekend relaxation ritual. A refeed day.  A weekly grocery trip to stock up on healthy snacks and veggies. Anddd, I seem to not be remembering all the ones I had listed out on some random text document, but you get the point. There are just some behaviors that, at least on the surface, are more optimal when done in a more spread out fashion than the typical routine.

It’s been a long, long road to mature my Sunday Meal Prep. If this SRHI score is accurate, it took 231 days to become solidly automatic. Which is not exactly efficient, and may well direct me towards implementing more once-a-day habits when planning in the future.